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The Fund is an actively managed exchange traded fund (“ETF”) that, under normal circumstances, invests at least 80% of its net assets in U.S. Treasuries and investment grade corporate bonds with a 0-2 year maturity range, including ETFs that invest substantially all of their assets in such fixed income instruments. The Fund seeks high and sustainable level of current income and liquidity by investing in ultra-short term U.S. Treasury obligations. Most of the Fund’s assets are invested in Treasury securities targeting a specific segment of the U.S. Treasury yield curve with maturities ranging between 0 and 2 years. The balance of the Fund is invested in high-quality, ultra-short term corporate bonds and fixed-income ETFs that provide additional income potential. The Fund’s duration is adjusted to reflect the adviser’s near-term interest rate outlook and the shape of the yield curve. Duration is a measure of a bond price’s sensitivity to a given change in interest rates.

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