A Smarter Way to Invest.

We work with financial professionals and individual investors to provide investment strategies focused on identifying US equities, bonds, and other investments with strong financial statements and industry leadership.
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Targeted insurance solutions
Risk-Managed Solutions

We provide a wide spectrum of investment options (ETFs) to help individual investors maintain a risk-managed approach across any of their risk tolerance preferences.

Operational support services
Industry Expertise

Our work is deeply rooted in research. By removing investing prejudices with our model based approach, we feel investors can potentially increase their probability of success.

Custom marketing programs
Independent Advisory

We take an objective approach to every ETF and investment solution we offer. Ensuring that your best interests are the foundation and focus of your investment choices.

Invest Smarter.

Our broad spectrum of ETF investments and strategies helps remove emotions from the investing process, allowing investors to focus on long term benefits of being a diversified, growth oriented investor.

Invest Smarter with
asset management solutions for today's market

Brookstone Asset Management offers individual investors investment options designed to increase their probability of success.

  • Rooted in research
  • Flexible options for every investor
  • Stocks, Bonds, & Opportunities ETFs
Brookstone Insurance Group Automated marketing programs built for financial advisors.

Investment solutions across market cycles

Our ability to blend several instruments with varying risk tolerances helps to keep individual investors portfolios aligned with their unique financial goals.

  • Growth, Value, & Dividend ETFs
  • Intermediate & Ultra Short Bonds
  • Active, Opportunities, Yield ETFs
Brookstone Capital Management Powerful Asset Management Platform

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is comprised of professionals with an average of 20+ years of investment industry experience. The committee uses both internal and external market research sources to inform, guide, and create investment funds for Brookstone Asset Management.

  • Seasoned professionals
  • Fund and investment policy oversight
  • Investment and fund guidance
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More choices for individual investors.

Brookstone Asset Management offers a variety of investments funds designed to meet the needs of any investor's risk tolerance.
Dividend Stock ETF
Growth Stock ETF
Value Stock ETF
Intermediate Bond
Ultra-Short Bond
Active ETF
Opportunities ETF
Yield ETF
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